Thomas M. Alford  2,3
Edward M. Barrett 1,3
Ian A. Bourne 1
Douglas A. Carty 1,2
Sylvia D. Chrominska 1,3
Robert P. Dexter 2,3
John C. Eby 1,2
Paul E. Gagné
Chairman of the Board
Mark Foote
President and Chief Executive Officer
Alexander S. Taylor 2,3

1 Member of the Audit Committee
2 Member of the Governance Committee
3 Member of the Human Resources and Compensation Committee
Mark Foote
President and Chief Executive Officer
Darren Yaworsky
Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer
Stuart Auld
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Information Systems
Steve Deck
Senior Vice President, Business Development
Tom Plain
Senior Vice President, Service Operations
Michael Gross
Senior Vice President, Power and Marine
Donna Baratto
Vice President, Supply Chain
Cristian Rodriguez
Vice President, Environment, Health and Safety
Linda Corbett
Andrew Tam
General Counsel and Secretary