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MTU Engines Provide the Speed and Power Required for Rescue Boats


Wajax was contracted by a Naval shipyard to supply MTU engines and major components for the construction of new Bay Class High Endurance Search and Rescue (SAR) Lifeboats for the Canadian Coast Guard. With stringent specifications required to build fast, powerful boats, Wajax was quick to jump at the opportunity to showcase MTU engine capabilities and the in-house expertise necessary for this challenging project.


Search and Rescue vessels need to maintain light weight and speed in order to get to their destination quickly. They also require the ability to do a full rotation without losing oil pressure, ensuring navigation out of dangerous situations, even when weather conditions are unfavourable. These self-righting vessels are capable of operation in extreme weather up to Beaufort Force 12 conditions and built to survive in 12-meter seas. The Canadian Coast Guard was seeking a high-power density, lightweight solution and the MTU 10V2000 was the ideal unit for this application.

The shipyards were looking for more than just a product, they required engineering support, expertise as well as project management.

We’re not only an engine or product supplier, Wajax is an integrator with a lot of technical expertise. Our team is always looking to provide the best solution possible. We made the effort to establish a strong relationship for this very important project, giving us the ability to fully understand its scope and provide consistent expertise wherever needed.” – Yves Richard, Technical Sales Representative Wajax


The Canadian Coast Guard was aiming to partner with a company that could provide technical and integrated logistics support wherever the boats would be located. Wajax’s knowledge and experience with this process proved useful to the shipyard in gaining the confidence of the Canadian Coast Guard.

From a tangible solution perspective, the Wajax engineering team was able to come up with weight saving options throughout the build process. The ability to not only provide the engine, but also a complete powertrain package, was a major benefit. Being a complete engine integrator and having an experienced team, Wajax was able to ensure the technical aspects were being met. The Wajax team also provided necessary advice for navigating the certifications required and regimented process set forth by the Canadian Coast Guard.

In the end, the shipyard had to demonstrate that the SAR vessels could withstand capsizing and self-righting. The entire team went into the testing with confidence knowing that the design was made with the Proven Vessel and Engine Design (type approved) including Roll-Over package specifications.


Wajax’s extensive technical capabilities and industry understanding was critical in achieving a vessel that offered reliability and desired performance. The Wajax team went the extra mile to warehouse the units, facilitate communication with the coast guard, and mentor the shipyard through the entire process to ensure a smooth execution.

The Wajax team came to the site very prepared and confident, nothing was left to chance. All of a sudden we had access to everyone involved in the project. We felt an instant confidence in the team which greatly influenced our choice of propulsion equipment which was already unofficially determined at that time. This meeting was the turning point for the choice of SAR propulsion, but also the turning point for a long-term winning relationship between the two companies. Thank you to the entire Wajax team who are now seen as a very important business partner of Chantier Naval Forillon.” – Jean-Daniel Minville Ing. Directeur ingénierie /Associé, Chantier Naval Forillon