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Cast Lips and G.E.T. for Electric Rope Shovels (Dippers)

Cast Lips and G.E.T. for Electric Rope Shovels (Dippers)

DipperEdge™ will transform the standard for rope shovel dippers.

Designed for the wide radius rope shovel dipper, DipperEdge rope shovel cast lip system will increase productivity through a reduction of downtime and safety risks, which can be associated with mechanically attached adapters and weld on stabilizers.

The DipperEdge will outperform the standard rope shovel cast lip, due to its integrally cast TRS35 class nose, alloy casting and reduction in mass by up to 15%. This design feature allows for a higher capacity bucket that will increase lift volume and reduce dig energy.

The DipperEdge cast lip system includes hammerless locking rope shovel G.E.T, alloy casting, a smaller cross section with material distribution strategically placed, making it specially designed for productivity on your mine site.

CQMS Dipper Edge Decreased Cost of Ownership Chart