Harvesting Heads

570/575 Harvesting Heads

Harvesting Heads

With independent knife arms, the 570 and 575 harvesting heads excel in tough timber with large limbs and poor stem form. Both heads offer a timed knife option for easier picking in roadside applications.

The 570 is a durable, high performance two-wheel drive, three knife arm harvesting head. It is the best matched with Tigercat’s H845 series carriers for stems in the diameter range of 150 to 510 mm (6 to 20 in).

The 575 is an extreme duty three-wheel drive, three knife arm harvesting head best matched with Tigercat’s H855 series carriers for stems in the diameter range of 175 to 560 mm (7 to 22 in). It handles crooked stems well and powers through large limbs.

Product Highlights

  • Larger diameter hoses and larger capacity valves than similar class heads to match the greater hydraulic flow and power of Tigercat harvester carriers
  • Robust design, high quality components for high duty cycles and long life
  • Precise diameter and length measuring
  • Efficient hydraulics for high performance, efficiency and improved carrier component life


HEIGHT less rotator/link 1 870 mm (74 in) 2 180 mm (86 in)
Width (max)1 930 mm (76 in)1 990 mm (78 in)
Width (min)1 550 mm (61 in) 1 625 mm (64 in)
Base Weight2 230 kg (4,915 lb)2 460 kg (5,295 Ib)
Operating Weight2 450 kg (5,400 lb)2 812 kg (6,200 lb)
Operating Pressure 310 bar (4,500 psi)310 bar (4,500 psi)
Chain10 mm (0.404 in) pitch19 mm (0.75 in) pitch
Feeding Drive SystemIndependent, canted drive arms, 2WDIndependent, canted drive arms, auto 3WD/2WD
Feeding Drive Motors(2) 800 cc(2) 900 cc
Feed Wheels20 mm (0.8 in) thumbnail13 mm (0.5 in) thumbnail