Wheel Loader


Wheel Loader

The ZW220-5 not only meets expectations of high-quality, reliable machines, but also provides operators with a safer working environment, a comfortable cab with easy-to-use controls, and a machine that overall responds quickly and precisely.

Product Highlights

  • The ZW220-5 has been developed to have a positive impact on both safety and sustainability. It satisfies the U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim on emission standards and has a variety of fuel-efficient features, which help to reduce running costs.
  • The operator can boost the power at the push of a button. The quick power switch changes the mode from Standard to P and can be used when the machine is travelling uphill with a full load or when greater breakout force is required.
  • The design of the wheel loader incorporates a new hydraulic circuit and a smooth lift arm movement, which help to boost efficiency on the job site. Productivity has also been increased by the wheel loader’s enhanced maneuverability, due to the automatic gearshift controls.


Product SeriesZW-5
Operating Weight17 700 - 18 030 kg (39 020 - 39 750 lb)
Bucket Capacity2.4 - 3.5 m³ (3.1 - 4.6 yd³)
Engine Power149 kW (200 HP)
Overall Length8 170 - 8 410 mm (26.8 - 27.6 ft)
Turning Radius6 010 mm (19.7 ft)
Maximum Speed36.0 km/h (22.4 mph)