Wheel Loader


Wheel Loader

Hitachi is renowned for manufacturing technologically advanced machines that deliver an outstanding level of performance and the ZW370-5 wheel loader is a perfect example.

Product Highlights

  • The 15.68 litre (956.9 in³) six-cylinder water‑cooled turbo engine enables a powerful digging performance, impressive travel speeds and benefits from excellent fuel consumption.
  • The ZW370-5 wheel loader was designed to meet rigorous standards for both safety and sustainability, with a variety of fuel-efficient features to help reduce operating costs and fuel emissions.
  • The quick power switch boosts the power when required by changing the work mode, allowing for greater power when it's needed and excellent efficiency when it isn't.
  • The ZW-5 series was designed to make life easier on the job site, allowing you to work productively and keep downtime to an absolute minimum.
  • The spacious cab was designed to offer maximum comfort - several modifications have been made to create more room, provide greater visibility and offer a pleasant working environment for operators.


Product SeriesZW-5
Operating Weight26 390 - 26 680 kg (58,180 - 58,820 lb.)
Bucket Capacity3.9 - 5.0 m³ (5.1 - 6.5 yd³)
Engine Power290 kW (389 HP)
Overall Length9 640 - 9 980 mm (31.6 - 32.7 ft)
Turning Radius6 610 mm (21.7 ft)
Maximum Speed39.0 km/h (24.2 mph)