2012 Hyster H80FT

Used Equipment

Model Number: H80FT

Location: Winnipeg, MB

Unit Number: 12HY6920

Serial: R005V01975K

SMU (hrs): 5400

Price ($): 32000.00

Year: 2012

This H80FT is in excellent shape and being retired from our rental fleet


Kim Krivoshein-306-220-0235

Product Highlights

  • 8000lb Capcaity
  • Full Cab with Heater
  • Triple mast with freelift 185" Lift
  • Integral Sideshift
  • 48" Forks
  • Solid Pneumatic Tires
  • Block Heater, Beacon, Lights
  • Horn, Backup Alarm, 4th valve Hydraulics