Innovative Hammerless Systems

MTG Systems StarMet

Innovative Hammerless Systems

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Increased Safety

MTG Systems StarMet includes the MTG twist tooth-adapter locking solution, which provides:

Safety: There is no chance of accidents due to flying metal particles.
Comfort: Less effort is needed than when using a hammer.
Ease: Only one operator is needed to complete the tooth change.
Safer Retention: Tried and tested system offering excellent retention and preventing tooth loss.
Longer Wear Life
Tooth: Optimized design means better penetration, self-sharpening and higher ratio of wear material.
Adapter: Designed to protect the weld and the legs from the lower and lateral wear and tear, increasing the wear life of the adapter.
Mechanical Wear Cap: Designed for high-abrasion applications, extending the wear life of the adapter.
Fitting System: Designed to provide an optimal division of force, thus obtaining the maximum resistance and robustness.
Locking System: Reusing the pin, in normal working conditions, the pin can be reused at least twice.
Greater Savings and Productivity
Tooth: The penetrating design of the tooth increases the machine’s productivity.
Adapter: The optimized design reduces the amount and length of stops, generating savings in maintenance downtimes due to its long wear life.
MTG Twist Locking System: The new MTG Twist Solution facilitates assembly and disassembly, reducing the downtime of your machine.