Black Cat Wear Parts

Black Cat Wear Parts


Black Cat Wear Parts began manufacturing cutting edges in Edmonton, Alberta in 1968. In the following decade as machine size and horsepower increased, Black Cat invested heavily in the latest technology and equipment to produce higher quality, harder, tougher “Through Hardened” edges. Many other manufacturers during that time were clinging to the older technology, making their carbon edges thicker to compensate for the lack of toughness. That dedication to be an industry leader fueled the company’s growth and continues today. Black Cat Wear Parts now operates multiple production facilities in North America and China, distributing their industry leading products worldwide.

Black Cat Wear Parts offers full service you can rely on. From design and engineering through fabrication, delivery, and maintenance, their team covers every step of the creation and use of their products. Black Cat is your wear parts experts. Whether that means re-engineering a product and having it specially produced for your specific needs, or reliably filling orders for a standard edge, they have the capacity to handle your every need.

Black Cat does not compromise on quality. Their customers rely on them to deliver the highest quality product time and time again from their ISO Certified facilities. Black Cat creates and develops a variety of patented solutions for the earth-moving industry. Their designs offer a variety of innovative advantages including improved safety, longer wear life and superior performance.