Giving Back
Where We Work

The communities we serve across Canada are more than just branch sites – they’re our homes, our friends, family and neighbours.

As Canadians, it is our responsibility to care for our community in a variety of ways: from volunteering, to fundraising and giving donations. Employees are encouraged to give back in whatever manner they prefer. A spirit of volunteerism is always encouraged in our organization, whether it be in the form of time or expertise.

In 2020, Wajax gave $125,000 in contributions, and we plan to grow that number every year.

Canadian Cancer Society

The health & wellbeing of all Canadians across the country is a key value of ours. We’re putting this value into action by supporting the Canadian Cancer Society.

Our support of CCS – the only charity that supports all Canadians living with cancer across the country – helps bolster their important work, from implementing health-first policy changes to providing resources & support to those living with disease. From funding, to fundraisers and volunteering, we’re committed to investing in the health of Canadians.

Foodbanks Canada

We may help run the machines that put food on Canadians’ tables, but we also make sure every Canadian can afford to do so themselves.

Our support of Food Banks Canada stems from the simple belief that no Canadian should live in hunger. Through countless fundraisers, donations and volunteer hours donated by our employees, we are taking tangible action to ensure no Canadian goes hungry. 

We don’t just work in our communities – we invest in them,
contribute to them, and serve them.