Food & Beverage

A vital industry that operates in a challenging environment.

The highly specialized and regulated food and beverage industry requires uncompromising attention to processes and procedures to ensure food safety and plant profitability.

From receiving raw materials into your plant to the end of the line packaging and throughout your distribution operations, you are focused on ensuring your equipment is maintaining uncompromised hygiene, ensuring personnel and equipment safety, running at peak efficiency and productivity while minimizing downtime and wastage.

Our end-to-end approach keeps our customers competitive in a dynamic and ever evolving market.

Our expertise results from working with customers for over 100 years in food and beverage industries ranging from ingredient processing to the final consumer product. No two industries or plants are the same. Our service technicians and engineered repair service (ERS) specialists are committed to understanding your business and unique challenges in order to provide the optimum solution to meet your specific needs.

Our industry experience ranges from meat, beverage, dairy, bakery and confectionary to raw ingredient processing such as sugar and grain. Our customers include craft and speciality food and beverage plants to large, global food & beverage processing operations.

Our wide range of equipment and parts are designed to withstand the demands and rigours of food and beverage processing including temperature extremes, harsh environments and frequent high-pressure washdowns.

Our portfolio of services includes new equipment and parts, equipment servicing, as well as reliability and predictive diagnostics and engineered repair services to reduce equipment failure and unplanned downtime. With more than 100 branch locations and over 500 service technicians located across Canada, you can be confident of the quality and reliability we bring to every facet of food and beverage processing from raw materials to the final consumer product.

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