Food & Beverage

Nationwide Network. Regional Expertise.

The Food and Beverage industry is critical to our basic survival– we cannot live without it!

For over 160 years, we have been serving our MRO and OEM customers in the agriculture, fisheries, food-related manufacturing/processing and food-related service markets across Canada. Whether you are involved with crops or animals, aquaculture or fisheries, bakery, beverage, dairy, fruits, grains, meat, sugar or vegetable production/processing; our technical experts can provide you with cost-saving solutions to meet or exceed industry standards and safety requirements.

From the farm, transportation, storage, sorting, cleaning, processing, post-processing, packaging and shipment of your finished product – we have you covered with our extensive range of power systems, equipment (mobile and industrial) and industrial components. We also have solutions for applications from very wet to very dry, to those with extreme cold, extreme heat, corrosive environments, high contamination, high humidity or high pressure wash-down environments, not to forget – with uncompromising hygiene and safety factors.

Let our Wajax team help you with:

What you need to improve: Safety, process speed, process output, equipment availability and operational efficiencies, process flexibility, maintenance practises, etc.

What you need to reduce: Water or energy usage, unplanned downtime, MRO spend, inventory spares, waste output, etc.

What you need to start: Condition monitoring, reliability or asset management programmes, etc.

(NOTE: This is just a small list of examples – please contact your local Wajax representative).

From the smallest seal and bearing to washdown motors and gear reducers, conveyor systems, filtration, instrumentation, fluid handling pumps, hydraulic/pneumatics, to agricultural tractors, skid steers, forklifts and power generators for emergency back-up to prime power units and safety supplies…Wajax is your single source!

With over 2 million available SKU’s, many of these are stocked across Canada to meet your needs 24-7!