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As one of Canada’s leading engineering and industrial materials organizations, Wajax offers an extensive range of products and supply chain solutions from a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturers to help you optimize your business capabilities.


Whether you are looking for new, off-the-shelf products or a custom solution designed and manufactured to your exact specifications, we’ll help you find the best option to increase productivity.

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Understanding the unique requirements of major markets is essential. For over 160 years, we’ve developed specialized solutions for the following industries:


Generator Manufacturing

We manufacture and supply all sizes of generators and generator systems to Canada’s major markets. Our highly trained personnel will help you select the appropriate size and design to meet your specific situation, ensuring adherence to the appropriate codes and safety regulations.

Electric Motors and Generators Repair Service

We have extensive in-house and mobile technicians with diverse expertise in all types of electric motors and generators and are skilled in diagnosis, repair and preventative maintenance and electrical testing.

We offer a complete range of motor parts including capacitors, bearings, v-belts, pulleys, gear pumps, gear reducers and centrifugal pumps. Our stator bars and tier one coils are compatible with either VPI or resin-rich insulation systems for machines rated up to 13.8 kilovolts and are constructed using premium materials and technologies available.

Services include:

  • Motor refurbishing and repair
  • Alignment services (laser alignment)
  • Rewinding, rebuilding, and repair of AC and DC motors
  • Brush and seal replacement and maintenance
  • Babbit bearing repair
  • General inspection and diagnostics
  • Electrical inspection and testing
  • Bearing removal and installation
  • Electronics repair

Gearbox repairs:

  • General overhaul, upgrade and testing
  • KISSsoft calculation programs for machine elements
  • Heat treatment
  • Bore alignment and magnetic particle inspection
  • Gear hobbing and grinding
  • Gearbox assembly and no-lead testing
  • Solidworks CAD software for design and finite element analysis (FEM)
  • Painting

Rotor Pole, Stator Coil and Connection Bar Manufacturing

We offer a full rotor pole manufacturing and refurbishment service across North America, delivering quality parts to turbine and electric motor manufacturers. 


Services include:

  • Rotor poles – winding, manufacturing, refurbishment, re-insulation
  • Interpoles – winding, manufacturing
  • Salient poles winding
  • Interpoles winding
  • Edge-wound poles manufacturing and refurbishment
  • Class B and Class H insulation
  • Connection bars manufacturing
  • Connectors manufacturing

Welding and Fabrication

Our technicians are skilled welders and will advise on the appropriate welding solution for your unique operational needs. Selecting the best weld process is crucial to drive quality, reduce costs and ensure optimal joining.

Wajax employee welding

Rotating Electromechanical Equipment

We offer a wide range of electric motors from fractional HP to impressive 50,000 HP units, all from the world’s leading suppliers. Our experts will execute all customization, assembly, installation and start-up to ensure you the optimal customized solution.


Integrated asset reliability services for the management of mission-critical, integrated equipment lines and process systems.

Thermal Spray Metal Coating and Metallization

We offer advanced thermal spray coating services using a wide range of metals (nickel and cobalt alloys), ceramics and plastics to reduce wear, corrosion and improve the surface of your equipment. Selecting the appropriate solution can increase conductivity, provide insulation, repair worn substrate and reinforce structural integrity, improving asset longevity in a cost-effective manner.

On-site Installation

Our professional installation services will ensure your equipment is installed correctly the first time. From floor to roof, we cover all installation details and will ready your team to operate the new equipment properly.

Emergency Repair, Component Repair and Component Testing

Our mobile team is ready 24/7/365 to work synergistically with your in-house technical experts and your production leads, reducing unplanned production downtime. Our expertise covers all areas of production and component repair across a wide array of industries including:

  • Emergency winding
  • Babbitt bearing replacement/repair
  • Bearing replacement
  • Shaft repair and grounding
  • Coil bypass
  • Machining
  • Gear and seal replacement
  • Unit dismantling / installation
  • Insulation system repair
  • Coil manufacturing
  • Commutator machining
  • Verification Prior to Operation (VPO)

Asbestos Abatement

Innovative and safe asbestos abatement utilizing environmentally-safe techniques ensuring safe disposal and no aerial dispersion of asbestos. Our proprietary process dips copper coils in a chemical bath, removing 100% of asbestos and 98% of resins and shellac in one quick operation. The contaminated muds are then filtered and gathered in a paste for safe disposal.

Induction Brazing

By using eco-friendly induction heating for all your brazing jobs, you’ll achieve cost and energy savings as well as improved precision, quality and safety. As a leading supplier of automated induction and atmospheric brazing equipment, we offer access to the latest products that deliver quality, consistency, configurable throughput and quick change-over tooling for various production needs. These forging, brazing and strip-heating units offer great flexibility and can be configured for manual, semi-automated or fully-automated systems.

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Deep expertise and A-grade electromechanical solutions to boost your bottom line

We offer a comprehensive range of electromechanical solutions that includes the design, installation, repair and ongoing monitoring of bespoke systems. Our in-house teams are comprised of electrical and mechanical engineers, CAD designers, qualified electricians, fitters, machinists, fabricators, trainers and project managers who have decades of expertise in the unique needs of leading market segments such as heavy industry and manufacturing, oil and gas, energy and renewables and mining.

We repair products from these leading manufacturers:

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