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Innovative, effective and cost-efficient repair and maintenance solutions for the oil and gas industry

As a leading supplier to the oil and gas industry, we understand the unique challenges you face. From the need to produce more energy at lower costs with less emissions and stronger environmentally-sound extraction methods to rising capital costs, we provide the products, support services and expertise you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

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With more than 100 locations coast-to-coast and a fleet of mobile technicians and fully-equipped trailers ready to go 24/7/365, we are conveniently located to deliver on-site service and expertise wherever and whenever you need.

Tundra Process Solutions Ltd

Acquired in January 2021, Tundra Process Solutions is an industry-leading solutions provider in motors and drives parts, boilers and water treatment, panels and buildings, valves and actuation, measurement and analytical, and maintenance and support.


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We are committed to providing turnkey, fully-compliant end-to-end products and services that draw on our over 160 years of engineering excellence. Our highly trained and certified tradespeople are supported by more than 100 technical engineers, all of whom undergo regular training on the latest technologies and process innovations. This experience enables us to provide expert technical advice and guidance that is second to none, and our service Centres of Excellence are fully-equipped to test, configure, service and repair equipment for all parts of the production process.

So, whether you’re extracting oil sands via an open pit mine or in-situ thermal process, our results-oriented approach will deliver solutions that deliver productivity gains.

Protect Your Productivity and Prevent Unplanned Interruptions

From extraction to production, our full service engineered repair and maintenance solutions are designed to optimize production, reduce downtime and lengthen the lifespan of critical systems. Whether we’re shipping a part, working a plant shutdown, or repairing machinery onsite, we’ll help you maximize your productivity and reduce operating costs while working with you towards safety & improved sustainability.

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We can help you develop a customized preventative maintenance program that will keep your equipment operating at peak performance.  Our solutions include:

  • Optimal performance modelling and simulation
  • Engineering capabilities that provide detailed process improvement solutions using 2D/3D CAD tools
  • Design and fabrication and remanufacture of custom components
  • Lifecycle asset management solutions
  • Basic and advanced staff training on the latest developments in equipment operation, safety and environmental concerns

We are extensively experienced in supplying materials and resources to major capital projects which conform to our customers’ specific requirements and relevant statutory requirements but are also competitively priced.


Optimizing plant availability, reliability and performance has never been more important. Our end-to-end, full-service solutions reduce administrative burden, compress timelines and deliver cost-effective solution. We’ll work closely with your project and plant engineers to understand your end goals, discuss the differences and benefits of various products and their suitability for various processes and applications, and then plan and implement a custom solution designed to fit your unique situation.

From design to development, manufacturing, delivery and commissioning, we are your trusted business partner for all stages of the project cycle. 

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High performance solutions to help you get more done – quickly, efficiently and safely.

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World Class Motors That Keep Operations Humming

Electric motors, generators, and rotating electromechanical components are critical components of oil & gas operations. In many plants, critical high voltage motors do not have a drop-in replacement, increasing the pressure to perform repairs and maintenance during operations or planned shutdowns. Out-of-schedule maintenance is expensive and failures can have devastating repercussions on employees, communities and the environment.

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We can put together a program to support local maintenance teams, so planned repairs and rewinding jobs minimize production downtime on critical low, medium and high voltage motors. We offer operational reliability assessments, vibration analyses and predictive services to determine maintenance priorities and can develop contingency plans for repair and rewinding to IEEE and API standards to meet reliability challenges at stake. We also have a full retro-engineering service that can manufacture custom components or complete units, reducing lead times. We carry out all manufacturing steps (welding, machining, rewinding etc.) in our workshops, which allows us to control production time, costs and quality levels. Our manufacturing and welding workshops meet ASME and U-Stamp (certification underway) standards.

We service a wide range of units including:

  • Grinder electric motors
  • Crusher electric motors
  • Ball mill electric motors
  • Sag mill electric motors
  • Explosion-proof electric motors
  • Winch and hoist electric motors
  • Dryer electric motors
  • Conveyor electric motors
  • Compressor electric motors
  • Pump electric motors
  • Electric generators in mobile equipment
  • MG sets
  • Mining drill electric motors
  • Excavator electric motors
  • Electric motors for fans, blowers and boosters
  • Vertical electric motors
  • Slurry pump electric motors
  • Generating unit electric motors
  • Agitator electric motors
  • Stacker-reclaimer electric motors
  • Gearboxes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Pressure vessels
  • Pumps

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Complete Oil Sands / Oil and Gas Service & Solutions


  • Project management
  • Standard products & product enhancements
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Engineering communications

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Mechanical Solutions

  • Pillow blocks
  • Pulleys
  • Mechanical drive systems
  • Industrial material handling conveyor systems
  • Lubrication systems
  • Sealing solutions

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Hydraulic Solutions

  • Hydraulic power units
  • Manifold blocks
  • Hydraulic winches
  • Rotary drive systems
  • Pneumatic control panels
  • Transfer & hydraulic filtration units
  • Lubrication units
  • Automation & control panels
  • Cooling systems
  • Hydraulic test bench

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Process Solutions

  • Process skids
  • Centralized lubrication systems
  • Automation & control panels
  • Reliability services
  • Pumping systems
  • Cooling systems (cooling skid)
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Repairs & rebuilds
  • Field services – installations and commissioning
  • Instrumentation

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Electromechanical Solutions

  • Electric motors and generator repair service
  • Rotor pole, stator coil and connection bar manufacturing
  • Welding
  • Reliability services

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Repair & Services

  • Repairs and rebuilds
  • Component assembly and component testing
  • Installation, commissioning & start-up
  • Preventative maintenance services
  • Turnaround / shutdown services
  • Asset management
  • Field services
  • 24/7 Emergency repair services

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Reliability Services

  • Comprehensive field assessments
  • Condition monitoring
  • Asset management

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