Mitigating Risks For Pipeline System


Wajax’s client transports various grades of fuel through a pipeline system. They were looking to enhance their operational processes. A key challenge was that when ambient temperatures fluctuated, deep vacuums were created inside the pipes for up to several hours.

When this occurred, the mechanical switches that monitor the pipeline pressure could separate and begin to leak fuel. Leaks of hazardous materials can, in turn, create significant risks and damage including risk of explosion, the requirement of costly ground remediation, and harm to the environment.

Pipeline in a field


To help mitigate the risk of hazardous materials leaking, the client needed a solution that would prevent vacuums adversely affecting the monitoring systems, which impacted safety and operational efficiencies.


Leveraging its technical and industry expertise around safety and operational efficiency, Wajax proposed a customized solution to address the client’s challenges.

This included the implementation of the One Series hybrid pressure transmitter-switch by United Electric Controls – an electronic device – to prevent leaks due to vacuums. This system uses an all-stainless steel welded diaphragm 316L sensor, which is capable of withstanding full vacuum for several days without creating any calibration issues.


The digital display that was implemented eliminated the need for a mechanical gauge and eradicated leak paths. The proposed solution enabled the client to address both safety and operational concerns for long-term effectiveness.