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For over 160 years, Wajax has partnered with Canada’s leading organizations across multiple industries to offer innovative products from world-class brands, service excellence and technical expertise.

We offer a comprehensive suite of repair and service solutions that save time and money and help our customers get more done – efficiently and effectively.

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From simple phone consultations to large-scale overhauls and emergency repair service, our cutting-edge solutions will help you optimize your business capabilities while maximize the longevity of your capital investments.


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Whether you need urgent onsite repairs on your equipment, emergency repair service or a wider-scale scheduled preventative maintenance program, we can help you with world-class support to ensure you’re up and running at optimal capacity quickly and effectively. Learn more about our specialized solutions.


Repairs and Rebuild

Restore your equipment and components to better-than-new condition or retro-engineer and manufacture a better solution.

Our specialized expertise and skilled technicians will repair and rebuild failed components, identify the reason for failure and reassemble machinery using new or remanufactured components.

Our work goes through rigorous testing to ensure all specifications and requirements are met and come with a superior warranty promise.

We perform repairs and rebuilds across all our core disciplines:

Component Assembly and Component Testing

Component testing to identify potentially faulty components to ensure they meet environmental, equipment reliability and failure analysis tests to avoid costly systems breakdowns. We will assist with the creation of full-spectrum test plans for all your electrical, hydraulic and mechanical drive systems.

Learn more about our in-house testing capabilities.

Installation, Commissioning and Start-up

We offer a wide range of installation and start-up services to ensure every component of a project is operating correctly.

Services include:

  • Installation and start-up supervision
  • Implementation plans
  • Process assessment and piping assessment
  • Turnkey engineered packages
  • Bearings and pillow block bearings
  • Construction and construction management
  • Vibration analysis, vibration testing and qualification
  • Mechanical alignment
  • Electrical validation of motor
  • Babbitt start-up validation

Installation / Removal

  • Complete removal/installation of all units (electric motors, gearbox, bearings)​
  • Mechanical alignment of all components​
  • Magnetic center checks​
  • Coupling installation (ex: airflex) & adjustment​
  • Temperature measurement, vibration checks, diagnostics

Electrical: Preventative Maintenance & Audit

  • Level 1 to Level 4 OEM inspection and OEM support (ABB, GE, and more)
  • Maintenance test of insulation of electric motors (mill motor, fan, lubrication) with latest technology (electric motor preventative maintenance)
  • Excitation system check (brushes, rings, and more)
  • Insulation trending condition
  • Video borescope visual check of actual winding & insulation condition (borescope)

Mechanical: Preventative Maintenance & Audit

  • Level 1 to Level 4 OEM inspection and OEM support
  • Alignment check from pinion to motor
  • Sleeve bearings & journal inspection (by laser)
  • Gear wear & machinery inspection
  • Lubrication & slip ring condition
  • Gearbox borescope & inspection

Preventative Maintenance Services

Through our predictive maintenance services, our in-house and mobile team of 500+ engineers and trained technicians will analyze your equipment and propose customized solutions to optimize your operations.

Turnaround Services / Shutdown Services

A well-planned and executed shutdown for scheduled repairs and maintenance, systems upgrade, refurbishment, machinery inspections and component testing can positively affect your plant financially, by ensuring it runs at optimal capacity for years with minimal wear and tear. We excel in expertly lead shutdown execution and shutdown services that minimize cost and minimize your downtime while setting you up for future success.

Asset Management

Optimal asset management processes can lengthen the life of your mission-critical machinery, improve operational efficiencies and enable better and improved predictive maintenance to delivery maximum return on investment. We’ll help you find a cost-effective solution designed to deliver consistent and increased performance.

Services include:

  • CMMS implementation
  • Asset registery
  • Maintenance strategies (preventative maintenance strategies)
  • Criticality
  • Reliability centered maintenance
  • Job plans
  • Spares and optimized inventory
  • Material master – mill of material, spares optimization

Field Services

We service what we sell. With more than 950 trained technicians operating out of over 100 branches and centres of excellence across Canada, we offer local customer support where and when you need it – and on-site repairs and servicing can be arranged around your production schedule or incorporated into planned maintenance programs. We also have a fleet of experienced mobile technicians and fully-loaded trailers that can be deployed rapidly to any location, reducing downtime and maximizing your productivity.

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From asset management and equipment reliability services to installation and commissioning, program management and execution to breakdown and emergency service, you can turn to us for all your equipment servicing needs.

24/7 Emergency Repair Service

With over 100 branches, coast to coast, our customers have access to an extensive array of after sale service and support. Our team of mobile trained technicians with fully equipped trailers are on duty 24/7/365 to provide you with local on-site repairs and support when you need it – getting you back up and running as soon as possible. Our specialty emergency services include the installation and dismantling of generators, alternators, wind turbines, gearboxes, pumps and much more.

Wajax. Your partner for true service excellence.

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Our customer service philosophy is simple. Listen to our customers, understand their needs and develop solutions that save time and money while resolving issues rapidly, minimizing downtime and maximizing the longevity of your capital investments.