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Minimize downtime and maximize productivity with Wajax’s Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program.

Is the Hydraulic Cylinder on your large mining equipment in need of repair? Downtime is expensive and Wajax can get you back in action quickly! With our Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program, we’ve eliminated the repair wait time so that you can get the working parts you need quicker.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Bathurst, New Brunswick is equipped with the latest technologies to rapidly repair hydraulic cylinders to OEM specifications. Our investment in these technologies reduces the repair time for each job and provides customers with a steady flow of cylinders. We have what you need ready and waiting to ship out.

We carry hydraulic cylinder replacements for large mining equipment and large excavators. This includes the following:

Mining Trucks

Mining Shovels & Loaders

Breakers & Drilling Rigs

Cable Reelers and More


How the Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program works

Using our expertise, manpower and latest technologies, we’ve streamlined our exchange program so that you can get a replacement hydraulic cylinder without waiting on repairs to be completed!

When one of your hydraulic cylinders is damaged, just send it in. Without waiting to receive your damaged one, we promptly send a working, previously repaired cylinder from our inventory as a replacement. These hydraulic cylinders have all been repaired to OEM specifications. This gets your machine back in operation quickly, with confidence the replacement will last.

When your broken cylinder arrives at our facility in Bathurst, New Brunswick, we take it apart, repair it, hone it, reassemble, test it, and add it to our stock of repaired cylinders. Our diverse inventory is always stocked with remanufactured cylinders so that we always have the parts for our customers.

This program is currently operating from our Bathurst, New Brunswick location. Strategically located to serve mining operations throughout Canada’s Eastern and Atlantic provinces. Do you wish to participate in this program to support your operations in the West? Reach out to an expert today to see if you qualify for a Western support package. We have over 100 locations across Canada and can stock replacements nearby while using our branch network to facilitate a streamlined flow to and from our Bathurst facility.

Quality Repairs and a Proven Track Record

Every step of the repair process is completed in-house at one of our locations outfitted with the latest technologies, from disassembly to machining, honing, welding, and testing. We always provide documentation as evidence that every cylinder has been tested and is working according to manufacturer specifications. In some cases our standards exceed those recommended by manufacturers.

We have vast experience in a variety of repairs. Some notable ones include

  • Right and left modifications to reduce inventory
  • Telescopic cylinder 588-inch stroke
  • Hitachi EX2600 Boom Cylinder
  • Lead press concentrator cylinder
  • Letourneau High Lift bucket cylinder

Custom Name Plate with a Traceable QR Code

Each cylinder in our Hydraulic Cylinder Exchange Program comes with a custom name plate and QR Code that links to test results, tracks repair history, and shows job details so that you can know the history of your new cylinder!

Why choose the Wajax Cylinder Exchange Program?

With over 30 years of experience managing cylinder exchange programs, Wajax can be trusted to get your machine back in action. We offer:

  • Substantial savings of up to 25% and applicable volume discounts
  • A state-of-the-art facility with a CWB Division 2 Certified Workshop, ISO9001:2015
    • Sunnen HTA6000 Automatic Honing Machine (largest in Canada)
    • Hone cylinders up to 6 meters in length and 22 inches diameter
    • Tos TU 100 Lathe 12,000 lbs load capacity, 30” swing capacity, and 315” center to center
    • Micron Technologies Disassembly Bench
    • 100,000 FT/lb. of torque for maximum nut breaking capacity
    • Laser shaft deviation detector
    • Online digital test reporting
  • Electronic inspection report including RCFA
  • Oil contamination report *5-star compatible* + continuous monitoring that exceeds ISO Standards
  • Cylinder performance tolerance ratio
  • Contaminant control program
  • Protective packaging, and more!

Wajax technician using a 10-ton overhead crane with splitter beam to lift a large hydraulic cylinder from a Metso Outotec lead and zinc press.

A heavy duty hydraulic cylinder from a Metso Outotec lead and zinc press loaded into our Micron Technologies Cylinder Repair bench for dismantling.

Wajax technicians mounting a large hydraulic cylinder from a Komatsu PC2000 surface mining excavator for dismantling on our Micron Technologies Cylinder Repair bench.

Wajax technicians laser-testing the stem deviation of a steering cylinder from a Caterpillar 785D Mining Truck using our Micron Technologies cylinder repair and disassembly machine.

Wajax Technician assembling a hoist cylinder from a Letourneau L1850 Mining Loader with our Micron Technologies cylinder repair bench.

Our Sunnen HTA-6100 Horizontal Tube Honing machine is the largest of it’s kind in Canada. It can hone cylinders up to 6 meters long and 22 inches in diameter.

Our honing process is fully optimized down to selecting the appropriate fluid formulated to ensure precision finishing and efficient production.

Specialty arctic-rated hydraulic oil drains from a hydraulic cylinder during the repair process via the Wajax Cylinder Exchange Program.

Micron Technologies cylinder repair bench disassembling a 24 foot hydraulic cylinder from a Metso Outotec lead and zinc press.

Our custom-built shipping skids in our climate controlled storage containers are filled with various hydraulic cylinders packed and ready for shipping to our customers.