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Environment, Health and Safety and employee well-being are core values of ours and are integral to the way we conduct our business. They point to what is truly important to us and the decisions that we make every day, as a company and as individual employees.

Photo taken pre-COVID-19 and therefore does not represent current health and safety protocols in place at Wajax.

We are committed to managing our business in a socially responsible and progressive fashion. As the world increasingly tackles the recurring themes of environmental responsibility, diversity, equality and good governance, we want to do our part. From workplace safety and equal opportunity to environmental care and employee development, we are committed to prioritizing people and the planet.


Our customers need – and deserve – the best quality for all their operations. From our equipment to our products and services, in the field, on the site and in the plant, we guarantee the quality of our work, front to back. Our top priority is keeping you safe, and keeping you up and running.

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified sites
  • CSA N299 certified
  • AAR certified
  • Excellence Canada certified
  • COR certified


Our commitment to quality and excellence – both internally and externally – has been internationally recognized. We are proud of our team’s achievements on receiving the CMHA Workplace Excellence Award, Women Building Futures Employer of Choice Award as well as the Excellence Canada Mental Health at Work Essentials Certificate.

As of May 27th, 2022, we are pleased to announce that Wajax has achieved the Canada Awards for Excellence (CAE) Gold certification in Healthy Workplace® and Mental Health at Work®.

Corporate Sustainability Roadmap

Environment, Health & Safety is multi-faceted and affects various areas of our operations. Our ongoing work focuses on seven key areas, with specific objectives to be attained annually.