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At Wajax, we are committed to continuously evolving our product and service offering to meet the changing needs of our customers. As taking action against climate change continues to become more urgent, many of our customers have begun to take measures to reduce their environmental footprints.

Wajax is committed to leveraging our broad in-house expertise and extensive vendor partnerships with leading global brands to deliver industrial products and services that help our customers achieve their environmental goals.

What Role Does Wajax Play in Promoting Sustainable Solutions?


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Offering Eco-Friendly Products

The Wajax team partners with vendors with robust sustainability programs to deliver innovative eco-friendly products. We continue to broaden our product offering and deliver cutting-edge solutions that allow our customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

From ushering in no-emission electric vehicles to components that improve manufacturing efficiency, we have the expertise required to deliver.

Servicing Renewable Industries

Wajax has been supporting Canada’s biggest industries for over 100 years, and as those industries evolve, so does our offering. Aligned with the growing importance of renewable energy, Wajax is amping up our products and services to support this critical industry.

With wind farms in every province, it’s a renewable energy source that now accounts for roughly 6% of our nation’s electricity, moving Canada closer to achieving its 2030 goal of making 90% of its electricity non-emitting. Our skilled technicians help to maintain these wind farms and play an important role supporting our customers in hydro, and thermal power industries. Using our unique expertise and strategic vendor partnerships, we increase the reliability of our customer’s assets so that Canada can rely more heavily on this growing industry.

Helping Customers Meet
Environmental Goals

Our engineering capabilities and broad industry expertise allow us to support our customers in meeting their environmental objectives.

By incorporating telematics, IOT and other remote monitoring solutions, we are able to support efficient lifecycle management and predictive / proactive maintenance. This works to reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions, helping our customers comply with increasingly strict global standards.

Supporting Customers Who Produce Green Products

From recycled chipboards to electric cars, our customers are working to create products with a reduced carbon footprint. Our expertise allows us to offer solutions that enhance productivity and minimize downtime, enabling our customers to continue delivering products with a much-reduced environmental impact.

Whatever your sustainability requirements are, the Wajax team is here to assist with industrial equipment, parts, and engineered repair services. Whether you’re creating low-carbon products or harnessing the power of renewable energy, Wajax has the diverse offering and expert staff to help you find the best solution for your application.