Supporting Customers Who Produce Green Products

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Wajax has a long list of customers who are working to create products with a reduced carbon footprint, from electric cars to recycled chipboards. Our experience and expertise allow us to help you produce such eco-friendly products. We partner with you, helping solve problems that hold back your manufacturing process so we can combat climate change together.

What also helps us offer solutions to problems that others can’t are our extensive longstanding vendor partnerships. With specialists from many different fields, we can take a holistic view of the challenges faced and focus on the small details to identify transformative solutions to customer issues.

Overcoming Challenges

Customers often come to us having encountered problems when attempting to manufacture eco-friendly products. Our network of vendor partners allows us to collaborate and identify the ideal solution and make it a reality.

Minimizing Production Downtime

Another time we were able to support a customer in the production of eco-friendly products came when we were asked to solve the issue of time-consuming shaft couplings for a paper board manufacturer. The paper board machines produce over 40,000 metric tons of recycled chip boards per year, and the downtime incurred was significantly impacting their production capabilities.

By replacing the couplings with a maintenance-free option, the customer enjoyed a number of additional benefits including extended service life. This has served to greatly reduce downtime and losses in revenue.

For more details of this project, please read the full case study.

The Wajax team has the expertise and experience to help you overcome manufacturing challenges when producing environmentally-friendly products. If you need help in this area, please don’t hesitate to contact us.