Training and Development

Limitless Learning Starts at Wajax

Our quality solutions and service are only possible with our highly skilled and trained staff. At Wajax, we prioritize providing the tools and support our employees need to do their best work.

From enhancing technical skills, to understanding our increasingly broad product and service offering, to honing interpersonal and communication skills – our training programs are tailored for every industry, at every level. Professional growth matters to you, and it matters to us.


With over 2,600 courses available on its Learning Management System, WajaxU provides a vast collection of accessible training content. This curated collection of in-house, vendor supplied or third-party created content covers a range of topics.

  • Safety
  • Product knowledge
  • Systems and applications
  • Sales
  • Inter and intrapersonal skills
  • Leadership
  • Company policies

Fostering a learning culture within Wajax is important to us. No matter the language you speak, your industry or position title, everyone can grow. We’re here to help you do that.


Our Train for Success program is an exciting incentive program that enables our team to take their skill sets to the next level, and receive prizes.  Available at every level of our company, the entire Wajax  team is encouraged to participate – further contributing to our culture of personal and professional growth.

We understand learning and development is key for job satisfaction.
Our goal is to attract, train, develop and retain the best employees,
from entry level to senior leadership.