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A leading provider of state-of-the-art hydraulic solutions and components

Wajax has extensive design, implementation and technical experience in providing fluid power solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Our comprehensive suite of high-quality fluid power products and high-end industrial hydraulic solutions includes hydraulic pump systems, fluid connectors, hydraulic cylinders, hydrostatic motors, control valves, hydraulic fittings and hydraulic circuit components.

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We stock and supply a comprehensive range of some of the world’s most recognizable brands at competitive prices. Our expert technicians and mobile fleet are able to repair and service all types of hydraulic systems and components and will get you back up and running in the shortest time possible.

We offer both standard and custom hydraulic systems and solutions, from consultation to design, fabrication, implementation and start up. Whatever your hydraulic needs are, we have the solution for you.

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As one of Canada’s largest providers of world-class hydraulic systems and components, we serve all the major markets of the Canadian economy. Learn more about our specialized solutions.


Hydraulic Power Units

We offer an extensive selection of cost-effective Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) to energize your business, from small to mid-size and large units, engineered to meet the specific needs of a range of industries. With decades of expertise servicing the world’s leading power unit brands, our technicians can provide a comprehensive assessment and recommend the optimal solution.

Blue Hydraulic Power unit (HPU)

We also have in-house engineering capabilities that allow us to custom design and manufacture a HPU to your specific needs, cost-effectively with a comparatively short lead time. With our technical expertise, you’ll get a custom system that’s easy to install, maintain and that will provide years of return on your investment.

Hydraulic Manifold blocks

We have a wide range of products from compact double block and bleed valves to fully integrated hydraulic valve manifold blocks. Our engineering team can assess your current setup and design, fabricate and install a custom solution that will optimize system performance.

Hydraulic Winches

We offer leading hydraulic winch brands and custom-build winches for a wide range of industries and applications. Installation, repair and preventative maintenance are a core component of our service offering.

Find out if your winches are operating in good order through our hydraulic test stand, offering the following capabilities:

  • Winch and brake pull tests up to 30,000 lbs
  • Static cylinder load design
  • Steel I-beam construction 

Rotary Drive Systems​

We offer both off-the rack systems from world-class brands as well as custom designed solutions that deliver unparalleled performance and years of reliable service. Our mobile fleet of technicians can assist with rapid deployment, programming, installation and commissioning.

Pneumatic Control Panels​

We partner with the best global technology providers to offer specialized pneumatic hydraulic control panels and solutions that deliver longer life, more reliable performance and a lower total cost of ownership.

Transfer & Hydraulic Filtration Units​

We design and manufacture high quality transfer and hydraulic fluid filtration units crafted for optimal performance and long-term asset reliability. Our technicians can provide critical analysis to recommend the appropriate solution for your unique situation.

Lubrication Systems and Units

Wajax offers a wide range of auto-lubrication kits and systems, as well as individual components and industrial pumping equipment.

Automation & Control Panels​

As the complexity of control systems has grown, reliability and integrity have become even more critical as has the need for customization to achieve the appropriate level of automation. Wajax offers a wide range of specialist automation and hydraulic control panels for small to large-size processes.

Cooling Systems

As an integral part of mission critical industrial systems, cooling systems require extensive evaluation at the design stage of a project to ensure that the appropriate solution is employed, avoiding inefficiencies, unnecessary cost and energy loss. Our technicians can evaluate your site, design and install the best cooling system for your space and business requirements. 

Hydraulic Test Bench

We take the guesswork out of diagnosis and shorten troubleshooting time with our hydraulic test bench capabilities. 

For components of all sizes, including pumps and motors, cylinders and valves, we’ll ensure all new or rebuilt components are thoroughly tested and suitable for your system requirements.

Our extensive test bench capabilities include: 

  • 16cuin/rev pump at full displacement to 5000psi
  • 30cuin/rev pump at full displacement to 3500psi


  • 500hp 60 series Detroit Diesel 
  • 50hp electric motor


  • P14/M14, 5000psi hydrostatic drive for pump testing
  • P09, 5000psi pump supply for high flow open loop testing
  • PV15, 500-1500psi pump supply for control pressure
  • T6DCM, 200-500psi pump supply for closed loop make-up oil
  • M14, 5000psi variable displacement load motor
  • Closed loop make-up oil cooling system
  • V60N, 5000psi pump supply for low flow open loop testing

Data Acquisition

  • Webtec C200 64 channel hydraulic solution

Innovative and custom hydraulic and pneumatic systems designed to power your business to success.

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Comprehensive hydraulic solutions designed for maximum longevity and performance

No matter what your business needs are, our range of state-of-the-art hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems and motors guarantee your operations are running at optimal performance. Our technical analysts undergo extensive training to ensure the latest innovations are integrated into all solutions.

We offer products from these leading manufacturers:

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From completely new, turnkey systems to emergency repairs and regular servicing of your hydraulic machinery, our experienced mechanical engineers and technicians can help you stay competitive and at the forefront of today’s ever-changing technology. With decades of experience across all major market sectors, we’re Canada’s preferred partner for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, technical support and supply chain management.