Hawe Hydraulik

Hawe Hydraulik

HAWE is a leading player in the hydraulics industry. Their products are market leaders with respect to their typical performance features. HAWE offers “problem solutions for problem solvers” and distance themselves consciously from standard solutions where the distinctive advantages of our products are of no concern. Consultancy, project planning and support are part of their performance package.

Innovation is the basic attitude of the company and its employees. For HAWE, innovation means permanent improvement, but also achieving a balance between change and continuity. Innovation not only covers their products and their production, but also all areas of the company including structure and processes. Technology leadership translates into an optimized price/performance ratio, creating maximum benefit for their customers. HAWE’s specific experience and know-how in design and manufacturing technology, along with the expertise of their staff, are their competencies.

The variety of safety-related applications of HAWE’s products means that maximum quality is required. In the attitude and in the behavior of their employees, quality becomes a state of mind at HAWE, quality is the norm.

Hawe Hydraulik Products