Our Purpose & Values


Empowering People To Build a Better Tomorrow

At the core of who we are – our heartbeat & our motivation – is to leave a legacy of positive change in the lives of people and the places we serve. This goes beyond the products we sell and services we offer. It is our collective commitment to make a positive impact on the world around us, one community at a time. We strive to empower our customers, create meaningful connections, and contribute to the greater good.

Our Values

WE COMMIT To safety & well-being

The safety of our employees and customers is our top priority – we don’t cut corners, compromise or minimize. We believe safety and well-being is not a static goal – it’s a journey of continuous improvement. We are committed to seeking out new technologies, methods and best practices to ensure the welfare of the entire network. This extends beyond our walls, helping create healthier communities across Canada.

WE DEVELOP potential & expertise

We are committed to nurturing the talents and skills of our team members. We believe in providing a dynamic and supportive environment that encourages continuous learning, personal growth, and professional expertise, both for current and prospective employees. Learning never stops at Wajax, and we’re dedicated to helping individuals unlock their full potential.

WE DELIVER an exceptional experience together

We don’t just meet expectations – we surpass them. With a shared dedication to our customers, partners and each other, we are committed to finding creative solutions to problems with positive outcomes for all. We take ownership of our actions and are accountable for the results. When challenges arise, we tackle them head-on, seeking opportunities to learn and grow.

WE BUILD lasting relationships

Our success is tied to the strong, enduring connections we forge with our customers, suppliers and communities. We don’t just maintain relationships – we invest in them. Building a track record of reliability is central to our operations. We go beyond transactions and create meaningful, enduring connections as a trusted partner.

WE STRIVE to continuously improve

We believe innovation is the key to progress. Our operations are characterized by our relentless pursuit of excellence, and don’t shy away from making mistakes and learning from them. We foster a culture of curiosity, learning and risk-taking, always seeking new ways to better serve our customers, employees and partners.

Purpose & Values in Action