Recharging Rotor Service for Renewable Energy


Our customer operates a diverse fleet of electrical power generating assets including coal, natural gas, wind, and hydroelectric. As one of the largest generators of renewable energy in Canada, they have committed to supplying businesses and consumers with reliable power for generations. They in turn require top tier service partners to help ensure the dependability of their operations.

Hydro Dam Power


The main hydroelectric rotor at one of the customer’s seasonal sites failed, halting the facility’s ability to generate power. The rotor was a unique configuration and had been in operation for an extended period, which limited the repair options available. In addition to the repair, and to enhance future reliability, the customer required a root cause analysis of the failure and the subsequent incorporation of related design improvements. The customer turned to Wajax’s electro-mechanical ERS team in Calgary to diagnose the failure and complete the repair as soon as possible. Recharging Rotor Service for Renewable Energy.


As the unusual configuration of the system prevented the use of the normal techniques associated with the repair of a large rotor, the team was required to develop innovative repair procedures to complete the job. Wajax staff developed these new procedures, modified tooling and equipment and completed the required engineering to finish the work and return the rotor to the customer as quickly as possible. Ingenuity and creativity was required in order to meet the customer’s deadline; the work included conversion of a large boring mill into a rotating winding table, complete with new controls and safety systems and over 100 individual ideas came together to develop the procedure so the project could be completed safely and quickly. Our team of technicians then worked
around the clock, in 12-hour shifts, and completed the repair and of design changes in ten days.


The customer’s deadline was met and their site was returned to operation. Given the quality of the repair and design changes, the reinstalled rotor is expected to be in operation for decades and a new repair protocol has been developed and is available in the event a similar issue arises at another site.

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