MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy

MTU Onsite Energy is one of the world‘s leading providers of diesel and gas power generation solutions. Through its storied history, customers have trusted MTU Onsite Energy to provide reliable, complete power system solutions; from mission critical to standby power to continuous power.

MTU Onsite Energy is an innovative leader in intelligent and future-oriented energy systems at the highest technological level. These innovations are reflected in their commitment to providing reliable power generation systems which preform at the highest level in some of the most demanding environments, all while remaining committed to providing climate-neutral, regenerative energy sources.

Wajax is proud to be a distributor of MTU Onsite Energy products in Canada. With MTU Onsite Energy’s extensive product portfolio, covering diesel gensets up to 3250 kW and gas powered cogeneration systems up to 2500 kW, you’re able to work with a Wajax technical expert to find the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

MTU Onsite Energy Products