Find RDH-Scharf Underground Mining Equipment at Wajax

Simplifying Heavy Equipment

Look no further than RDH-Scharf for transportation and infrastructure equipment used in underground mining and tunnel construction. They develop, manufacture, and service equipment that will help customers increase productivity while decreasing costs. By using the latest technologies and exciting innovations, they maintain the highest standards throughout the manufacturing process, making RDH-Scharf Mining Equipment desired worldwide.

With over 30 years of experience providing top-of-the-line underground mining equipment, you can trust RDH-Scharf to deliver the best performance in the toughest conditions and on the tightest production schedules.

In this industry, each site where equipment is used has unique requirements and RDH-Scharf works with customers to customize their equipment to suite individual needs. Keeping simplicity in mind, they build premium quality equipment using standardized hydraulic and electric systems across the product line to reduce spare parts inventories and simplify inventory control. RDH-Scharf’s line of Muckmaster and Haulmaster equipment, and their line of utility equipment, is easy to operate, easy to maintain and hard to break.

Wajax is the Exclusive Nationwide Distributor

Looking for RDH-Scharf equipment in Canada? Wajax has got it all! As the exclusive nationwide distributor, we sell and service all RDH-Scharf equipment and parts at our branches. Our dedicated staff will help you find the best machine suited for your application, and our experienced technicians are trained to service this equipment while providing support throughout every step of the process. Check out our inventory for a selection of battery and diesel options.

Sustainable and Evolutionary

Go electric with RDH-Scharf’s Evolution line of electric mining vehicles. Work sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint with 100% electric equipment that doesn’t leave any emissions. There are several other benefits of choosing a battery-powered mining vehicle from RDH-Scharf, including:

  • Two-hour charging time
  • High safety standards due to the immersion-cooled battery cells
  • Improved work conditions and safer operations: reduced noise level, emission-free operation, and a more comfortable ride
  • Lower maintenance and lower operating costs



RDH-Scharf has the right machines for your drilling and bolting jobs. Both the electric and diesel options are easily accessible for simple maintenance and mobility.

Rely on the DrillMaster collection for large coverage, precise drilling, and a comfortable operator interface. Count on the DrillMaster for a high productivity level at a lower cost with the heavy-duty telescopic booms, solid stabilization, and variety of rod handling options. With various slide and boom lengths available, RDH-Scharf has an electro-hydraulic drilling machine suited for your drilling requirements, whether you are working in a narrow vein application, low seam application, mining and tunnelling application, or any other.

Perform your best even in the most demanding underground applications with the BoltMaster. This robust, compact, and electric-hydraulic fully mechanized bolting rig is perfect for your underground mining and tunnelling operations. With a rugged frame and articulated carrier, the BoltMater is easily maneuverable even in the tightest situations.


RDH-Scharf has a wide selection of load and haul trucks for a variety of vein mining and tunnelling applications. Designed for high production, low operating costs, and simplified maintenance, RDH-Scharf loaders and haulers have easy access for maintenance and mobility.

Meet production KPIs with the MuckMaster. This powerful and high-production underground mining loader prioritizes safety through features that allow the operator to monitor all data from the cabin. These customizable loaders allow for a variety of bucket configurations, engine alternatives, and other features to ensure that you can meet every requirement of the job.

Ensure that your valuable payload is timeously delivered to the tipping points with the HaulMaster. This rugged and dependable underground haul truck has high-payload buckets that are matched with good power/weight engines and compact machine envelopes. The drivetrains ensure safe and fully compliant braking, and the smart monitoring and interlocks provide detailed information to the operator to maximize efficiency.

Both the Muckmaster and the HaulMaster are available in battery and diesel options.


Whether you need a machine for the transportation of shotcrete/concrete, personnel, fuel and lubricants, or bulk materials, RDH-Scharf has the Utility vehicle for the job. Browse through these safe and dependable transportation methods, including the CreteMaster, HaulMaster, LoadMaster, ServiceMaster, and UtilityMaster. All machines are easily accessible for maintenance and mobility.