SDP Manufacturing

SDP Manufacturing Inc

SDP Manufacturing Inc strives to be a global leader in the design and manufacturing of easement equipment that contributes to the enhancement of the environment, and it has proven this by providing easement equipment for the Electric Utility Industry for over two decades.

Their trademark machine, the EZ Hauler, has evolved and advanced throughout the years, primarily with input from end users, and is well known for its unique ability to reach spaces that large size line trucks cannot. Today, the EZ Hauler 55M is the only easement machine on the market today to incorporate a true 360-degree full capacity work zone, which combined with its lengthy list of other features, is truly unparalleled in both safety and function.

Efficient – When you have all the tools you need to do a job it makes doing a job much easier. SDP design their equipment with your job in mind.

Powerful – Big things come in small packages. The SDP Manufacturing team knows you don’t want to sacrifice power, so they push their engineering team to design their equipment to maximize power. Their equipment is built to last and exceeds all expectations for durability and power.

Innovative – SDP Manufacturing was the first to develop easement specialty equipment. They don’t let that keep us from improving on our own products and pushing the envelope even further for you.

Mobile – SDP Manufacturing’s products are designed to go where standard equipment just cannot go. Whether you need to fit through a 36-inch opening (EZ Hauler) or work in a steep creek bed (EZ Crauler) their equipment is the right equipment for you.

Safe – SDP Manufacturing builds premier equipment because your job is hard and is dangerous. They take the safety of their equipment seriously and not only do they conform to all safety standards, they exceed those standards with redundant monitoring and safety precautions.