Wajax Is Your Exclusive Seakeeper Distributor Across Canada

Thanks to our partnership with Seakeeper, we’re able to offer their revolutionary gyroscopic stabilizer for increased stability for marine vessels and a more comfortable and enjoyable experience in the water. Seakeeper is the world’s leading manufacturer of innovative gyroscopic boat stability device technology.

At Wajax, we’re happy to offer the finest equipment available for your industry, which in this case, is a cutting-edge device that’s designed for both commercial and pleasure vessels. Able to eliminate as much as 95% of all boat roll, it helps to eliminate fatigue, anxiety and seasickness that often accompanies choppy waters.

Plain Sailing Thanks to Innovative Marine Technology

As the global leader in marine stabilization technology, Seakeeper’s boat stabilizer works in all sea conditions and produces no drag and has no risk of snagging or impact damage. The device can be installed virtually anywhere on the boat, too, with its motion control design improving the on-water experience for both veteran boaters and novices alike.

Spinning at high speeds inside its vacuum encapsulation, the Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilizer flywheel produces a powerful torque that counteracts boat roll when it occurs. Its computerized control & vacuum technology make it the first truly practical anti-roll gyroscope on the market. Try one out, and you’ll see the difference, as seeing truly is believing.


  • Improves safety while at sea
  • Extends time that can be comfortably spent at sea
  • Requires modest electrical power
  • Glycol/seawater cooling system

Perfect For

  • All vessels of 23’ in length and upwards
  • Fishing: As more roll control means better fuel efficiency
  • Passenger boats: As those on board are more comfortable
  • Commercial boats: as workers can spend longer on the water
  • Anyone who suffers from sea sickness

This exclusive boat stabilizer product is one that complements Wajax’s existing offering of MTU and Volvo marine engines, propulsion systems and generator sets, all backed by our expert in-house engineering capabilities and service.

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