Spinner II

Spinner II

For over 30 years, the largest, most successful fleets have relied on the exceptional fluid-cleaning performance of Spinner II centrifuges!

Spinner II centrifuges are highly efficient, self-contained, oil-cleaning units for bypass and off-line filtration of engine lubricants, transmission oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil. Using the Spinner II in addition to your full-flow oil filter, keeps your oil cleaner, makes oil and filters last longer, and protects engines better. Spinner II oil-cleaning centrifuges are the only proven way to stop soot, safely extend lube oil drains and cut oil-related maintenance costs.

From on-highway trucking fleets to transit fleets to mining and off-highway equipment, there are over 650,000 Spinner II centrifuge units in operation worldwide. In addition, over 50 of the world’s top engine manufacturers install the Spinner II centrifuges as OEM first-fit.

Wajax is proud to be the largest distributor and service network of Spinner II centrifuges in Canada and our product specialists will be able to recommend the Spinner II centrifuge that is best suited to your needs.