Superior Glove

Superior Glove

Wajax stocks a large assortment of products from Superior Glove, a leader in industrial safety gloves and sleeves. For over 100 years, Superior Glove has been protecting workers across the globe by engineering PPE and industrial gloves that workers want to wear. Superior Glove prioritizes both comfort and safety at a competitive price, so you and your workers can continue to work efficiently while staying safe.

Superior Glove provides safety solutions and customized gloves for different needs across a variety of industries, including Food and Beverage, Pulp & Paper, General-Purpose, Electrical, Welding, and more. Superior Glove can provide industry-specific solutions and customized gloves for different needs, including welding gloves, electrical gloves, winter work gloves, cut-resistant gloves, puncture resistant gloves, touchscreen gloves, warmest working gloves, nitrile gloves, freezer gloves, mechanic gloves, and more.


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Multi-Purpose Gloves

Superior Glove manufactures a variety of safety gloves that provide different hazard protections and comfort features. Browse through the flyer to view a variety of gloves made of different materials, including cotton seamless knit, touch-sensitive fine-gauge nylon, leather, goatskin, nitrile, and more. Superior Glove has the right pair to protect your workers on the job.

Cut resistant gloves

Superior Glove offers a variety of cut resistant gloves that are comfortable and meet ANSI standards. Whether your workers need maximum ANSI level A9 cut protection or lighter protection for nuisance cut hazards, Superior Glove can protect your team.

Chemical Protection Gloves

Superior Glove offers its Chemstop™ product line to protect workers who are exposed to chemicals in their everyday task. Their chemical resistant offering includes gloves made with a variety of different materials that protect a range of oils and chemicals. Check out the flyer to see which gloves could best protect your workers.

Welding & Fabrication Gloves

Superior Glove has a collection of fabrication and welding gloves that offer mobility for precise jobs. Their rugged MIG and TIG welding gloves offer a variety of ANSI rated hazard protections. To learn more about how these gloves can protect your workers, see the flyer.

Food Industry Gloves

Looking for the right glove for your job in the food and beverage industry? Superior Glove offers hand protection for a range of tasks, including parts handling, general maintenance, food processing, and more. Choose a glove that meets your needs, whether that’s cut-resistant, bacteria resistant, touchscreen compatible, latex-free, and more.

Winter Gloves

Is your team ready for winter? Keep workers’ hands warm and safe with gloves designed to provide all-day comfort while protecting against harsh hazards in cold conditions. Check out Superior Glove’s winter product offerings.