Since 1992, Tigercat, a privately owned Canadian company, has specialized in the design and manufacturing of premium quality forestry equipment and specialized off-road industrial equipment. As a customer-driven company with strong engineering capabilities, Tigercat thrives on the design and continuous improvement of forestry and off-road machinery. Their machinery is well known for structural integrity, long life and the ability to withstand the extreme challenges of full-time forest-duty applications.

Tigercat product development is customer driven and field research is essential to the development process. Designers, technicians and management personnel frequently visit logging operations and logging professionals frequently spend time at the Tigercat factories. This open collaboration between Tigercat designers and logging professionals and ongoing end user contact, is unsurpassed in the industry. The process ensures that Tigercat’s product development is rapid, responsive and aligned with the current and future needs of harvesting professionals.

Tigercat timber harvesting systems achieve lowest production cost per tonne by optimizing efficiency, productivity, operator ergonomics, environmental impact, machine availability and useful lifespan. The Tigercat forestry line includes both tree-length and cut-to-length (CTL) systems. Tigercat offers a range of feller bunchers, skidders, loaders, loggers, harvesters, forwarders and felling and processing attachments.

Tigercat Products