Webasto’s comprehensive climate expertise helps you reduce costly engine idling times. As it is, many countries have already prohibited these during rest stops. That’s why the Webasto non-idling solutions generate and maintain a pleasant temperature in the driver’s cab – totally independent of the engine. Thereby fuel consumption drops and – as a positive side effect – so do the emission of pollutants.

On average, an idling truck engine consumes three litres of fuel an hour. What’s more, there’s also increased wear and tear that affects both the engine and the auxiliary equipment. These are costs that Webasto helps you save.

Ideal for short downtimes as well as long breaks: With the Webasto engine-off technology your cabin always maintains the perfect temperature – and that with the motor switched off. Thus, right after your drive, the Webasto solution utilizes the residual heat of the engine to heat the cabin. Later the parking heater is automatically activated.

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