Find Webasto Climate Control Systems for Work Vehicles

Wajax is the wholesale distributor for Webasto throughout Central & Eastern Canada. As a specialized wholesale distributor, Wajax sells and installs Webasto products through our network of authorized dealers that are staffed with professionally trained sales and technical experts. Outfit any work vehicle that needs internal or engine heating, air conditioning, or specialized climate control solutions with Webasto quality products. Enjoy fuel savings, reduced emissions, reduced engine wear and ultimately a quick return on investment.

You can find smart solutions from Webasto, whether you are a small business owner who needs to transport their products in a controlled climate environment or a decision maker at a major corporation who needs to protect engine life in their fleet of work vehicles. Explore your options for commercial vehicles, buses, RV’s, off-highway equipment, emergency vehicles, cars and light trucks.


Webasto Anti-Idle Solutions

Webasto’s cutting-edge anti-idle solutions offer more than operator comfort in your heavy-duty truck or equipment. By preconditioning the engine prior to starting it, these solutions will reduce your idle time, lower your fuel consumption, and reduce engine and DPF maintenance, lowering your operating costs. Explore both air heaters and coolant heaters that can warm the cab and engine components.

Truck Heaters

Webasto carries truck heaters that are ideal for a wide range of applications. That includes tractor cab heaters, gas or diesel fuel-fired engine heaters, and more. Prevent cold starts, warm the cab, or ensure that temperature-sensitive cargo is warm whether liquid or dry. Find the flexible and efficient truck heating solutions that meets your needs.

Webasto HVAC

There’s more than one way to get truck air conditioning. Choose from Webasto’s roof-mounted or floor-mounted air conditioners that can support heat & A/C, just A/C or support routing heat from engines that are distinct from typical coolant heaters. Each is a great solution that allows you to transport goods that are sensitive to temperature, including flowers, candy, pharmaceuticals, baked goods, and more. These are also ideal solutions for animal transportation, including police K9 units and animal rescue organizations.

HEPA Air Filters for Vehicles

Reduce your operator’s risk in environments with air pollutants by using Webasto’s air filtration systems. Find HEPA air filtration solutions specifically designed for school buses and passenger or emergency vehicles, with simple retrofitting and up to 350 ft3 of fresh air per minute for each filter.

Your Specialized Webasto Distributor

Looking to distribute Webasto products? See if you qualify to become a Webasto distributor. As a wholesaler across Central and Eastern Canada, Wajax can help you get Webasto products and technical support. Reach out to us today to discuss further.