Case Studies

Power Generation, Telecommunications

Connecting Communities in Canada’s Remote Regions

The Challenge

Wajax customers operate in some of Canada’s most remote regions. As a telecommunications company, our customer provides internet service across almost 33% of Canada’s landmass.

The Need

In support of the most remote northern territories of the Canadian Arctic, our customer was seeking faster internet speeds in Nunavut, to enhance northern connections and limit the virtual distance between family and friends. The scope of work required a team with expertise in power generation systems that could withstand extreme temperatures.

Our Solution

To achieve this, our customer partnered with Wajax to develop two customized solutions which included mtu back-up power systems. The first “short” unit was a 19-foot enclosure which solely housed a generator set. The second, and much larger unit, included the generator set with additional space for telecommunications equipment. Both units were tailor-made to accommodate variances in site conditions. The complete solution included 18 of the smaller units and five of the larger units.

Additionally, Wajax ensured each system was equipped with automatic transfer switches, load banks to facilitate testing and maintenance, as well as high-level controls for remote monitoring.

Each unit included custom built Arctic-grade enclosures to protect against the extreme temperatures (down to –40°C) of Nunavut and adhere to local sound restrictions.

The Impact

Wajax’s work to improve connectivity in more than two dozen communities within Northern Canada was key to a comprehensive plan to upgrade the region’s telecommunications infrastructure.

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