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Material Handling, Mining

Keeping the Wheels on in Mining

The Challenge

Kal Tire is one of the leading mining tire service providers in the world, providing tire supply and service to over 150 mine sites globally.  For nearly five decades, they have delivered innovative tire solutions that have helped to increase productivity and safely maximize their client’s investment.

Kal Tire’s operations in Canada have a fleet of large tire manipulators dedicated to servicing the needs of their customers throughout the country.

A large portion of this fleet is based within the Fort McMurray region, where Kal Tire was experiencing severe service-related issues from one of our competitors.  Primarily, the service provider was often unable to make timely repairs on the manipulator equipment, causing excessive downtime to the units which has the potential to hinder the mining operation’s productivity.

The Need

Kal Tire’s reputation for top-notch tire management relies on delivering safe, efficient, reliable service.  Excessive downtime for their equipment could prove costly to this reputation.

If Kal Tire wanted to remain a reliable partner to their clients, they needed to find a more reliable partner of their own. They needed an equipment supplier they could trust to respond to their needs quickly, and service their machines safely and efficiently, so everyone could get back on schedule.

The Wajax Solution

Kal Tire was first introduced to Wajax back in 2014 when they purchased a Hyster H650HD tire manipulator. They were thrilled with it and soon purchased three more, but it was our service team that really impressed them.

To service these tire manipulators, we put together a team of four highly specialized individuals. They had intimate knowledge of the machines they were servicing and the environment where they would be working. They were fully capable and prepared to meet the demands of a 24/7 mining schedule. Our team was willing to stay on-site and work the same shift schedule as the miners to ensure their service was timely and efficient.

The Outcome

Our service team provided exceptional parts and service, which drastically decreased downtime. Once the workload dropped, we reduced our resource team in half, saving them money.

By February of 2019, Kal Tire had placed an order with Wajax for more tire manipulators, and we’re on track to deliver two to four new machines a year for the next five years. By teaming up with Wajax, Kal Tire found the partner they needed. One that could help them maintain their machines and their reputation.

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