Refugee Support

Employment Opportunities For Ukrainians

Providing holistic support to refugees adjusting to life in Canada

Like you, we are watching the ongoing conflict in Ukraine with great sadness. Many Ukrainians are being forced to leave their homes, belongings and loved ones behind. Having to flee your home and build a brand new life in a new country can be overwhelming, and we want to do what we can to help.

In a commitment to help alleviate some of the immense challenges faced by Ukrainian families, if even in a small way, we are asking Wajax employees if they have families, friends or loved ones affected by the war in Ukraine that are seeking to immigrate to Canada and are in need of support.

Our leadership teams at Wajax are preparing ways in which we can assist individuals and their families as they make this transition during a very difficult time. Our goal is to match individuals with the right employment opportunity while providing holistic support that considers the unique needs of refugees as they adjust to a new life in Canada.

Contact Us to Discuss Employment and Other Opportunities

A word from our CEO:

“Imagine what it would be like to have to flee your home during a war. You’re so scared for your life, that you pack up whatever you can carry, grab your kids, and just leave everything behind.

You’re unsure if you’ll get shot at while leaving, and your next stop is a new country, whose language you most likely don’t speak. It’s difficult to imagine a more frightening scenario for a family.

But that’s what over 4 million Ukrainians have done in the past month.

My parents went through a similar process when they fled Poland many years ago – they packed a few bags, grabbed their young child (me), and left everything behind – in search of a better life.

Our family eventually landed in Canada, and my mom and dad were fortunate to meet employers who gave them their first Canadian jobs, and because of that I was able to build a great life in Canada.

I love this country, and I am thankful every day that we landed here.

And I want to pay it forward.

To our Wajax teammates: we are opening our doors to your family and close friends. If someone you love has been affected by this crisis, we can offer stable employment and help them build a life in Canada. Contact me for details.”