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Get the Instrumentation Solutions You Need from Wajax’s Extensive Branch Network with Over 100 Locations Across Canada

As one of Canada’s largest distributors of industrial products, you can count on Wajax for instrumentation products, product support, engineered solutions, and shop & field services.

If you want your manufacturing plant or industrial facility to run smoothly with minimal downtime, then monitoring your industrial processes is crucial. Monitoring the many variables that exist and ensuring they remain within defined parameters is essential to the efficiency and, ultimately, the productivity of your operation.

At Wajax, we have been supporting industries across Canada for more than a century through our expertise and vast network of leading vendors and brands.

Instrumentation Products from Reputable Manufacturers




A Large Spectrum of Instrumentation Products

Thanks to our extensive vendor partnerships, we’re able to supply a large spectrum of high-quality industrial instrumentation products for a variety of different settings.

Level Gauges

Level gauges are an indispensable component of fluid handling and storage systems, providing accurate and real-time level measurements. These devices are essential for safe operation, process efficiency, and quality control across various industrial sectors. We offer a wide assortment of level gauges designed for different media and conditions, including corrosive materials, high-pressure applications, and extreme temperatures. From glass tube gauges to ultrasonic and radar level gauges, our offerings ensure you can monitor and manage liquid levels with precision and reliability.

Flow Meters

Accurate measurement of liquid and gas flow rates is integral to many industrial processes, from resource extraction and processing to wastewater treatment. Our range of flow meters, both mechanical and digital, offers solutions for a multitude of applications. We supply turbine flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, and magnetic flow meters among others, each with their unique strengths in certain environments and conditions. Our product offerings allow you to optimize your processes, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and compliance with industry standards.

Temperature Gauges, Switches, and Calibrators

Temperature is one of the most crucial parameters in the monitoring and control of industrial processes. At Wajax, we offer a diverse range of temperature-monitoring and control devices for a range of different industries. Our expertise and vendor network allows us to find the perfect solution to ensure your operation runs with optimum efficiency.

Pressure Gauges and Controls

Including a variety of components such as transmitters, transducers, sensors, and pressure gauges, we can supply the pressure instrumentation you need to measure and display pressure levels in both gases and fluids. These components then send a signal to an HMI or controller, allowing real-time monitoring in an array of different industrial settings.

Environmental (Gas, Water, and Soil) Detectors & Gauges

Environmental monitoring is necessary for many industrial settings, particularly in areas that call for safe levels of hazardous elements. The environmental instrumentation that we supply caters to a wide variety of needs from oil and gas plants to pharmaceutical clean rooms, with the data being used for safety measures, regulatory compliance, and more.

Specialty Valves

Used to regulate gases, slurries and liquids, industrial valves perform an important function in any manufacturing or bulk material handling operation. We can supply the specialty valves you need and provide custom solutions for niche or specific applications.

Extensive Catalogue of Instrumentation Products

At Wajax, we’re committed to optimizing your operational efficiency, all made possible by our broad spectrum of inventory and expertise. Our authorized and sometimes exclusive distributorships enhance the assurance of product quality and availability. You can choose from our diverse range of precision instrumentation solutions, strategically located across Canada.

Expert Engineers, Product Support + Shop & Field Services

We’re more than just a supplier; we’re a team of experts, technicians, and engineers committed to offering comprehensive product support. Additionally, our wide range of services extends beyond your average industrial products provider, with bespoke shop and field services designed to ensure your equipment’s maximum efficiency.

Product Support

  • Gas Detector Training
  • Instrument Selection

Turn-key Process Solutions

  • Chemical metering skids
  • Transfer skids
  • Filtration skids
  • Centralized lubrication systems

Multiple Products for Various Applications

Reach out to a Wajax expert to learn more about how we can help you find the best industrial instrumentation products and support for your needs.

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