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Bulmor sideloader forklifts now available exclusively through Wajax in Canada.

MISSISSAUGA, ON (April 29, 2020) – Wajax is proud to announce they have become the exclusive Canadian distributor of Bulmor sideloader forklifts. Bulmor is well known for manufacturing premium, heavy-duty, special-purpose lifting trucks. With Wajax’s sale of Bulmor sideloaders, this marks the first time that Bulmor has had a distributor in Canada.

Bulmor sideloaders are designed and manufactured by Bulmor according to stringent quality control standards, allowing them to withstand the additional stress and torque caused by long and heavy loads. Bulmor’s sideloading capabilities allow for more products to be stored in the one space, as well as offering easy maneuverability in narrow aisles and doorways. With a top speed of 21 km/hr, Bulmor’s sideloaders can move a large amount of product over long distances quickly, making them incredibly useful for increasing productivity.

“Bulmor sideloaders complement our existing line of forklift trucks, for which Wajax has been the leading dealer in Canada for over 50 years – selling, renting, and servicing them in over 100 locations coast to coast,” said Brian Kolthof, Vice-President of Material Handling at Wajax. “Now, if a customer happens to inquire about a long load, narrow aisle type of application, we can provide them with a solution. Wajax is a one-stop-shop for all of our customers’ material handling requirements.”

Among the machines that will be available are the very popular DQrc 60 and DQr 80 diesel sideloaders; both are extremely durable machines. The DQrc 60 comes with a 55.5 kW motor, has a loading capacity of 6 tonnes, and is the perfect sideloader for the budget-conscious. The DQr 80 can haul up to 8 tonnes.

Bulmor is a forward-thinking company with a strong focus on environmentally friendly drivetrains, whereby their internal combustion sideloaders meet some of the highest environmental standards in Canada. Bulmor also offers several electric options capable of hauling 4,500 to 26,000 pounds, while working silently without emissions.

“Our customers can purchase quality equipment from Bulmor, available in a full range of conventional and multidirectional formats, with the confidence that Wajax, with its proven customer proximity, application consulting abilities, and service focus, is supporting the product,” said Guenter Szolga, President and CEO of Bulmor Industries USA Inc. “Wajax is a strong nationwide expert for material handling and intralogistics. Hence, a perfect fit for a European supplier wanting to make a strong entrance into the Canadian market.”

To learn more about Bulmor sideloaders, visit or contact Brian Kolthof, Vice-President, Material Handling at Wajax at or (780) 948-5490.