Crane (35 ton)


Crane (35 ton)

The WHL35TC75 is a natural evolution of our popular HL30TC cranes. Higher lifting capacity and longer reach are obvious benefits of this design. The versatility of integrated out and down outriggers allows for crane set-up in space restricted areas. These cranes have a wider total spread than other outrigger styles and a dual control station design means the crane can be operated from either side.

Product Highlights

  • 2 speed grooved drum planetary winch with integral brake, includes cable packer
  • Out and down outriggers – 22’ 2” max. spread
  • Planetary drive rotation gear box
  • Dual control console with platform
  • High strength box construction, welded booms for maximum strength to weight ratio
  • Standard audible capacity alert system
  • Standard audible outrigger warning alarm
  • 3 section 75' fully proportional boom


Lifting Capacity 35 Tonnes (47,000 lb at 10' radius)
Tip Height 85'
Boom Length 3 Section – 75'
Retracted Boom Length 32'
Planetary Winch Capacity 15,000 lb