CQMS Razer

Cast Lips and G.E.T. for Hydraulic Mining Excavators & Front Shovels

Cast Lips and G.E.T. for Hydraulic Mining Excavators & Front Shovels

CQMS Razer (CR) Cast Lip systems are specifically designed to deliver productivity solutions for miners in all applications, from wheel loader to Hydraulic Excavators (200t to over 1000t). Its Cast Lip systems are designed at our Technology Park in Australia, and manufactured globally. Its Productivity Technology excellence ensures machines are more productive, no matter what commodity or mining challenge.

Its range of cast lips are designed with superior productivity features that deliver improved performance in all commodities, they are the lightest and strongest cast lip available in the market.

Whether you are targeting increased productivity, increased utilization, improved cycle times or optimized fill factors, with their expert advice and support network, you can be sure CQMS Razer’s Cast Lip System is the right choice.

The CQMS Razer Cast Lip range is the largest in the market, with options available across three product groups; Stingray™ Cast Lip Range, DecaEdge™ Cast Lip Range, and RazerEdge™ Cast Lip Range. All Cast Lip Systems are available in varying sizes and specifications to drive productivity on your mine site, backed with an extensive range of G.E.T options to maximize performance.