Disc Chipper


Disc Chipper

The Peterson 7900EL Disc Chipper is designed for high volume operations that require the ability to chip large diameter feedstock or multiple stems. The largest disc chipper that Peterson has built to date, the 7900EL has the ability the produce chips from ¼ to 1¼ inches (6 to 32 mm). When low bark or ash content is a requirement, the 7900EL Disc Chipper can be paired with the Peterson 6830 Debarker.

The extended deck of the 7900EL Disc Chipper feeds the large feed throat capable of accepting up to a 30 inch (76 cm) diameter tree, or multiple smaller stems. Powered by a fully enclosed Caterpillar C32 engine rated at 1125 HP (839 kW), the 7900EL easily has the power to chip the largest diameter feedstock. A hydraulic clutch transfers the power to the massive 86 inch (218 cm) diameter, 4¾ inch (121 mm) thick, 5-knife chipper disc equipped with replaceable wear liners. The 7900EL is available with either Babbitted or Key Knifesystems.

The 7900EL Disc Chipper is controlled by an IQAN operating system, which provides the operator with all critical engine and performance parameters, as well as setup information for when chip size changes are made. Other key features are the four landing gear legs to stabilize the machine while operating, removable sidewalls to guide feedstock into the chipper disc, and a remote controlled rotating spout to top-load chip vans. When paired with a Peterson 6830 Debarker, the 7900EL is the ultimate in-field clean chipping plant.