Classic Engines

Medium Duty

Classic Engines

The Mercedes Benz EURO V and EEV engines are synonymous with strength, economy and durability. Based on this characteristics, our engines in both series are ideal for short-radius distribution, construction site transport and long-distance haulage. They can also be modified to create customer-specific variants for use in different bus applications. From the 4/6 cylinder in-line models to the V6/V8 engines, the Euro V and EEVengines represent superior function and efficiency.

The EURO V engines operate at the highest levels of efficiently, ensuring superior power output. Thanks to BlueTec®, Mercedes-Benz’s SCR diesel technology, they do so in a way that is particularly eco-friendly. BlueTec ensures low CO2 emissions and extremely low nitrogen oxide (NOX) and particulates, to meet emission standards at the tailpipe.

Besides low consumption, the BlueTec® engines also have impressive maintenance intervals and a long engine life.

Product Highlights

  • 4- and 6-cylinder diesel engines in an in-line arrangement
  • Displacement of 4.8 to 7.2 litre
  • Output of 115 up to 240 kW
  • Low fuel consumption due to innovative SCR technology
  • Compact installation space
  • Cylinder head with 3-valve technology
  • Powerful and dynamic engine brakes due to decompression technology


OM 924 LAOM 926 LAOM 906 LAG
Weight 395 kg 530 kg530 kg
Length944 mm 1228 mm1240 mm
Width600 mm640 mm650 mm
Height 930 mm930 mm950 mm