Selective Rack

  • Most common system for storing palletized products
  • Accessibility to every pallet – 100% selectivity
  • Easy to move and re-configure

Double-Deep Rack

  • Utilizes deep-reach lift truck to store 2 pallets deep
  • Higher density storage than selective rack
  • Retain some selectivity while increasing storage up to 40%

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Rack

  • Utilizes a VNA lift truck to work in aisles as small as 64” wide
  • Very high density while maintaining 100% selectivity
  • Wire guided lift trucks lead to improved efficiency and speed of product retrieval

Pushback Rack

  • High density, dynamic storage system utilizing a gravity fed first-in, last-out (FILO) cart system to store 2-6 pallets deep
  • Unlike drive-in rack, fork lifts do not enter the racking which reduces retrieval time and potential rack damage
  • Variety of cart options to fit any pallet type & size

Drive-in Rack

  • High density, static storage system utilizing angle rails to store 2 or more pallets deep
  • Low cost racking system compared to the number of pallets that can be stored
  • Ideal for applications with a high number of standard pallets where floor space is at a premium

Pallet Flow Rack

  • High density, dynamic storage system that utilizes a gravity fed conveyor (either full width rollers or skate wheels) to store 2 or more pallets deep
  • Pallets flow from load end to unload end making this system perfect for high density, first-in, first-out (FIFO) applications
  • Pallet entry guides, intermediate brakes, pallet stops and other components ensure proper flow of pallets from loading to unloading end

Carton Flow

  • Can be used in conjunction with selective rack to introduce the picking of individual cartons at the lower levels
  • Allows for manual handling of products utilizing first-in, first-out (FIFO)
  • Ergonomic – no need for employees to reach into the rack to pick – all pick faces come to the front of the rack

Cantilever Rack

  • Utilizes a base, column and load arms to store custom products
  • Ideal for storing long items such as pipes and lumber
  • Options available for specialty projects including decking for custom products and roof systems for outdoor applications
  • Removable and fixed stoppers available to prevent material from slipping or rolling of the load arms