One Eye Industries

Rotating Equipment Fluid Filtration

Rotating Equipment Fluid Filtration

One Eye Industries (OEI) introduced an innovative magnetic filtration technology 17 years ago with application on all rotating equipment found in oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, land & marine, construction, commercial & residential building, wind and food industries.

OEI magnetic filtration is a reusable technology that offers an environmental alternative to disposable depth media filtration.

Why One Eye is Different…
OEI filters are unique because they capture contamination to sub-micron levels with minimal flow restriction, maximizing efficiency. They accomplish this by using the highest quality, highest strength, rare earth magnets, assembled using their patented radial filed configuration.

OEI filters are engineered for individualized applications to account for:

  • Flow rate
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Viscosity
  • Space Constrictions
  • Ports
  • Multi-Directional Flow

The application of OEI filtration products across the Oil Sands is virtually limitless. Wajax is working with several Oil Sands producers to apply this exciting technology. Here are just a few examples of projects we have on the go today:

  • Rotating Equipment (Gear Boxes, Pumps, HPUs, and more)
  • Kidney Loop Systems
  • Gear Box Lube Filtration
  • Mechanical Seal Glycol Filtration
  • HPU Cooling Circuit Filtration
  • HPU Hydraulic Circuit Filtration
  • Process Water Filtration