Wheel Loader

ZW50 / ZW80

Wheel Loader

Agile footwork and high power. Those come from the Hitachi compact wheel loaders, ZW50 and ZW80. The dynamic styling is impressive, reflecting high mobility, power and productivity.

Product Highlights

  • Combined power and performance provide best in class productivity.
  • The new high-powered clean engine is mounted for productive and powerful loader operations.
  • Complies with emission regulations US EPA Tier 4 Interim, and EU Stage III A.
  • Ergonomic control lever, locking front differential (ZW80), electric controlled parking brake and universal quick coupler.
  • Panoramic, walkthrough-type cab.


Operating Weight4,195 kg (9,248 lb)5,540 kg (12,214 lb)
Bucket Capacity0.6-0.9 m³ (0.8-1.2 yd³)0.9-1.2 m³ (1.2-1.6 yd³)
Engine Power34.1 kW (46 HP)47.3 kW (63 HP)
Dumping Clearance2,380 mm (7.8 ft)2,355 mm (7.7 ft)
Dumping Reach995 mm (3.3 ft)1,035 mm (3.4 ft)
Maximum Travel Speed17 km/h (10.6 mph)34 km/h (21.1 mph)
Overall Length4,925 mm (16.2 ft)5,440 mm (17.8 ft)
Minimum Turning Radius3,870 mm (12.7 ft)4,540 mm (14.9 ft)