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Electric Motors and Services to Keep Your Operations Running

Wajax offers a wide range of products to fulfill your industrial needs and keep your equipment operating safely, efficiently, and consistently. We can also service these products, as well as your motors and VFD’s to keep your equipment running well. Reach out to our experts to discuss your options or discover them below.


AC Motors

We have general purpose low voltage motors which meet IEC and IEEE standards. Power your most demanding equipment with our well-designed AC motor options.

VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives)

Control fans, pumps and compressors while saving energy and improving system efficiency with a variable frequency drive. By varying the frequency and voltage of its power supply, VFDs can also control ramp-up during start and ramp-down during stop of the motor.

Washdown Motors

If it’s critical that your motor has extra protection from contaminants and withstand washdown procedures, choose these industrial motors with excellent insulation and water ingress protection.

Hazardous/Explosion Proof

In hazardous environments, you will require motors that are explosion proof, to reduce the risk of working near flammable and/or combustible materials. Choose these motors to maintain safe operations.

Custom made / drop-in motors

We can manufacture a replacement for your existing obsolete motor so that you can simply “drop” it into your equipment and get it back up and running again.

DC Motors

Find the speed control and torque that you need for your industrial machinery with a DC motor from Wajax. We can help you select the best option from our wide selection.


Transform your power supply for your motor with a motor generator. Isolate power, eliminate spikes, and deliver the right frequency, voltage and phase to protect your equipment.

Pump Motors

Reduce your maintenance costs and increase the reliability of your industrial equipment with high-quality pump motors.

Replacement Parts & Components

Reduce your investment by replacing parts and components in your existing motors. Wajax’s experts can help you find what you need in our vast selection.


Motor Rewind and Repair

Wajax can handle your shorted, grounded or damaged motor coils by rewinding them. We can complete various other motor repairs as well.

AC Motor Repair

From making new coils to reinsulating winding, Wajax can perform various repairs on your AC motor. We can also advise you as to whether making repairs is economical for you.

DC Motor Repair

Trust the experts at Wajax with the disassembly, inspection, and replacement of your DC motor’s components.

Synchronous and High Voltage motor repair and Service

Wajax has the experience and capability to service and repair your synchronous motors and keep your heavy industrial equipment running with less downtime.

Generator Rewind and Repair

Wajax is driven to offer more than just typical repair services. We also handle generator rewind and repair, helping you keep your operation running.

On-site repair service

When it is imperative that you get your motor fixed immediately, Wajax offers on-site repairs that can quickly get to the heart of your motor failure and get you back up and running.

Coil Manufacturing services

In our fully equipped facility, we produce formed coils and high voltage stator bars for machines rated up to 15,000 V.

Spares and Inventory Management

Wajax will work with your personnel to maintain inventory of all present motors, both in and out of service, and determine what spares are needed. This will eliminate excess inventory, freeing up space and dollars to allow for more efficient production.

Advising Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Wajax has a dedicated team of advisors to help OEMs select the products they need. We specialize in helping small and medium OEMs, so you can feel confident consulting with our team to find the right motors and drives for your products.