Hitachi FREE 5 Year ZXLinkTM Subscription

Hitachi FREE 5 Year ZXLink<sup>TM</sup> Subscription

All Hitachi Equipment come with a FREE 5-year ZXLink TM Subscription.
Renew TODAY with a 1 year ultimate subscription starting at $289!

Don’t rely on outdated data or guesswork to get the job done. ZXLinkTM gives you the power to optimize your operation and maximize your profits! Get the alerts, diagnostic codes and descriptions you need to optimize your machines, job sites and uptime!

How does ZXLinkTM improve maintenance? 

  1. Enables remote diagnostics and programming
    Provides real-time information about fleet location, functions, hours, fuel consumption, alerts & more! Allows you to improve your machine uptime by quickly identifying any problems and maintenance needed.
  2. Effortlessly tracks maintenance 
    Allows you and your service specialist to receive data to track imminent maintenance needs, clear codes as needed and monitor your machines overall health based on stored operating history.
  3. Quickly acts on alerts
    Proactive maintenance can help lower your operating costs by reducing lag time otherwise experienced in determining an imminent issue.
  4. Tracks key data
    Helps you interpret key machine data. Track overall fuel consumption and idle time in addition to tracking specific time and fuel spent on a jobsite.


ZXLinkTM Ultimate is connected directly to the machine’s communications network (CAN) on select models of Hitachi equipment. It is proprietary to Hitachi Construction Machinery and provides more detailed information about the machine health and how it is being used. Some restrictions may apply.


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