Construction Equipment At a Moment’s Notice


Vaillant Group began 40 years ago as a small general contracting business and has expanded into a highly-experienced enterprise with an impressive fleet of heavy-duty machines, including excavators, and road graders. They’ve also made their wheel loaders and excavators available for rent with experienced operators to ensure maximum efficiency.

General Contracting is a competitive industry where companies bid for projects. If you want to succeed, you can’t be afraid to put your name in the ring. Sometimes that means getting the job first and getting the equipment later.

Hitachi Excavators lined up with buckets removed


In this fast-paced industry, Vaillant Group needed a reputable and reliable partner with exceptional product availability. That meant a partner with a customer-first approach, quick response time, and the capability to source equipment at a moment’s notice. Whether the job was pipeline excavation or snow clearing, Vaillant Group needed to be prepared with the right equipment.


Wajax was ready to step into action with the equipment and service support Vaillant needed for their diverse array of jobs. We quickly filled all of Vaillant’s orders with our nationwide network, and delivered them on time. With Hitachi’s known reliability and our experienced service team, Vaillant felt confident the machines were ready to roll. We were also more than happy to provide on-demand servicing should they need it through our preventative maintenance plans and in-field service options.

Knowing minimizing downtime is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage, we recommended the Hitachi ZX excavators. Their cabs have ample legroom, comfortable seating, and climate control to reduce operator fatigue and increase productivity. They also come with ZXLink, a remote machine monitoring system that performs diagnostic checks and allows you to take preventative measures to ensure no sudden breakdowns or excessive downtime. Vaillant appreciated our expertise and knew our team had their best interests at heart – from road technicians to service managers to the entire sales team.


With our extensive equipment catalogue and a nationwide network, Vaillant soon began turning to us for a majority of their equipment orders. Vaillant’s needs varied greatly from job to job, but we showed ourselves to be someone they could rely on for answers, no matter the ask. That was 20 years ago. Since then, we’ve remained committed to providing seamless, efficient, and reliable customer support. We’ve proven that we’re a team Vaillant can trust to provide fast response times, efficient machine recommendations, and on-demand service and maintenance.

Over the years, we’ve provided them with between 65 and 70 Hitachi excavators, including the ZX17, ZX35, ZX135, ZX145, ZX470, ZX300LC-6, and the ZX850 which they have begun switching their entire fleet to. With an average excavator purchase of six to seven a year, Vaillant Group is well on its way to becoming a force to be reckoned with in its industry, and we look forward to providing them with unparalleled customer support every step of the way.