Finding the Right Gearmotor for a Screen Conveyor


The customer experienced repetitive failure of a cast iron motor adaptor on a screen conveyor. The environment was very dusty with high humidity. There was also high vibration because the motor was supported by a chain block due to its weight. Additionally, the keyway hollow shaft made it difficult to remove the gearmotor on the driven shaft.

Finding the Right Gearmotor for a Screen Conveyor


The customer required a new solution to replace the “chain and block assembly”. The gearmotor directly impacted production output and needed the chain and block to avoid repeated failures and potential catastrophe.
The new solution had to provide for ease of maintenance or removal of the gearmotor mounted directly on the shaft.


The solution implemented included a right angle gearmotor arrangement (LHYJMS20-4C175Y-Y1-28). Also a 20HP electric motor with a steel C-face support mount which provided a stronger support for any vibration. To avoid contamination, a Taconite Type Seal was utilized as well as a Taper Grip Bushing which allows for easier removal of the gearmotor when required.


The solution provided the end customer with all requirements to ensure maximum uptime and reduced unplanned or repeated failures that would have negatively impacted production and overall profitability. Also, ease of future maintenance requirements were addressed with the new configuration.

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