Gearmotor Solution Withstands Harsh Outdoor Conditions


The customer’s bulk material handling stacker had experienced repetitive failures. It operated in a very difficult outdoor environment including; ice, snow, rain and dust. The reducer was an obsolete model operating 24/7 with a 100HP motor at 1750 RPM.

Gearmotor Solution Withstands Harsh Outdoor Conditions Before Photo


The customer required a retrofit replacement reducer and motor that would provide for 24/7 operation maintaining maximum uptime and reduced unplanned failures. It was imperative that the new parts would endure the challenging cold weather.


The solution implemented included a Sumitomo Paramaxreducer (PHD9060P3LRFB31.5) with taconite seals to avoid contamination, an immersion heater for cold weather conditions and a transition base to ease installation. An internal backstop was also included in the design.


The solution provided to the end customer had to be installed in extremely harsh conditions. It was engineered with such conditions in mind and the new transition base supplied made the retrofit of the obsolete reducer much easier. Not only did Wajax solve the repetitive failure issue, the modular approach set our customer up for simple accessibility.

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