Getting a High-Performance Racing Track to the Finish Line


How do you move 750,000 tons of dirt and gravel across 155 acres with precision and accuracy along a high-performance test track?

This was the challenge faced by Triple T Excavating when they were building such a track for the Vancouver Island Motorsport Resort.

Triple T Excavating 3 excavators aerial view


Based on previous excavation work for dealerships in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Triple T Excavating was the obvious choice to help deliver the test track for the use of luxury sports cars.

With a tight timeline and lots of earth to move, Triple T Excavating needed its own high-performance machines. In the race to opening day, this job was all about power, speed, safety and reliability.


For this job, Wajax provided one ZX225LC-3 and two ZX250LC-5 Hitachi excavators. Each machine was equipped with thumbs and Falling Object Protective Systems cabs, providing the highest level of operator safety.


With these machines, Triple T Excavating moved the 750,000 tons of dirt and gravel to achieve the final track bed levels and allow for asphalt paving.

Rick Tomlinson, co-founder and owner of Triple T Excavating, found the solutions matched the needs of the job. Appreciating the minimal maintenance required over the lifespan of the machines, Rick says “Wajax provides good support and is very helpful. When we need something, Wajax helps us right away.”

Triple T Excavating operator, Tony Arsenault, added he’s a fan of the balance of productivity and comfort the machines provide. “They’ve got all the power in the world and they’re fast,” Tony says. “They’re also comfortable. When you work 10 to 12-hour days, you should be comfortable. I’ve got a cup holder for my thermos, room for my lunch kit and jacket.”

With excavators and support from Wajax, Triple T Excavating zoomed past the finish line and delivered on time. Solutions such as this are possible through our comprehensive service offerings and expertise in the power systems, equipment and industrial components areas.

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